What's Included

In Just 30 days, you will learn to maximize and capitalize on your greatest resource, TIME!

  • Time Management Course

    30-Day access to our Time Management Course. This course includes focus guides, audios, and video training, broken down into easy to consume lessons that allow you to learn and implement at your own pace.
    Value: $97

  • Live Events & Forum

    30-Day access to join our community for all of our Live leadership events, trainings, workshops, and discussions. This is a valuable opportunity to learn from others, and soak up the wisdom of our experts.
    Value: $299

  • Private Coaching

    A private one-on-one coaching session with Certified LCS and Deep Dive Coach Michelle Simms-Reiter. This is an opportunity to address your individual needs and create custom solutions.
    Value: $299

Meet Your Instructor & Coach

Michelle Simms-Reiter

Certified LCS Coach | Certified Advanced Deep Dive Coach

Formerly a successful home building company owner and NC licensed Real Estate Broker, Michelle Simms-Reiter has a solid foundation for what it takes to succeed.
With plenty of determination, perseverance, and fortitude, she and her husband founded their own company, Terramor Homes, in the midst of a recession. Against all odds, it flourished.
Just a decade later, their fledgling company grew into an $85 million enterprise that was acquired by the largest publicly traded company in the industry.
Today Michelle blends her real-world experience into a distinctive coaching style at Strive Leadership Development, where she supports Executive Business Leaders in the housing industry to develop their Management Teams for successful strategy implementation, business plan achievement and to further their operational excellence.
“Give me your managers, and I’ll return FIERCE Leaders!”